Since 1980, EPS has been a leader in the universal waste recylcing industry. We have helped hundreds of clients in a variety of capacities reduce their environmental impact, while helping to creatively manage their hazardous waste streams.  From small businesses to large organizations we provide solutions for solving modern universal waste management concerns. 

We are always improving and updating our business services to suit the needs of every client. Our strength is our flexibility, responsiveness, and that we are 'committed to a clean earth and to our customers.' 

Environmental Protective Services (EPS) is licensed and permitted (Permit # 1200) by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for a Fluorescent and high intensity discharge (H.I.D.) lamp recycling facility.  EPS maintains up to $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance coverage, Policy #PLL0000159 with Seneca Insurance Company, Inc.

Environmental Protection Services of Oregon
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